Italian Film, 21st-Century Style: A Tribute to Rai Cinema


Cinephiles often speak about Italian cinema with great nostalgia for past eras. The fact is, contemporary filmmakers working in Italy are making some of the most impactful, resonant, and awarded movies of this new century. At the heart of many of these films is one studio, Rai Cinema. Celebrating many decades of support for visionary directors, the Rai Cinema catalog is filled with essential titles past and present. This selection of 10 films from the past 15 years gives a strong indication that future generations of cinephiles will look back at this era with nostalgia of their own. Because they are also all recent additions to MoMA’s collection, it is certain that they will be as beautiful to behold then as they are now.

Organized by Antonio Monda, Film Professor, New York University, with Rajendra Roy, The Celeste Bartos Chief Curator of Film, MoMA.