Doc Fortnight 2017

Doc Fortnight, MoMA’s annual international festival of nonfiction film, returns with 10 days of important new discoveries in documentary cinema. Featuring recent films by emerging and established artists—many of whom will introduce their work in person—the festival offers fresh ways of considering the world around us in a time of increasing political uncertainty.

This year’s selection includes a retrospective of several works by award-winning filmmaker Emiko Omori, as well as an unusual 3-D collaboration between Open-Ended Group’s Paul Kaiser and Marc Downie and acclaimed experimental filmmakers Ken and Flo Jacobs. Combining short and feature-length work, Doc Fortnight continues its commitment to highlighting the many, ever-evolving styles within nonfiction media arts.

Organized by Kathy Brew, Guest Curator, with David Neary, Festival Manager.

The exhibition is supported by the Annual Film Fund.